Welcome to Fulmer's Farmstead
Horsedrawn produce and General Store

We invite you to experience a historic homesteading atmosphere,
with century old cabins, resurseful livestock,

Richton, MS - Wingate Rd. - Open Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
(601) 964-8222

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We want to extend a warm welcome to everyone and we invite you to join us in an one of a kind true southern experience at Fulmer's Farmstead.​​
The Farm
Located outside of Richton, Mississippi, Fulmer’s Farmstead is a horse-drawn produce farm operated by the Ken Fulmer family
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General Store
Fulmer's Farmstead General Store offers a unique variety of Homemade fresh products. We invite you to visit us and browse the selection of products from our local suppliers!
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Farmstead Events
Enjoy various events hosted on our premises at various times throughout the year, such as the "Mississippi Pecan Festival", “Christmas in the Orchard” and “Fulmer’s Homesteaders Gathering and Horsedrawn Auction” 
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