Fulmer's General Store

About Fulmer's General Store

Farm Fresh, natural, and GMO-free products

Located in Perry County, Fulmers General Store and Farmestead offers a large variety of organic foods that can meet your homestaed needs. We are known for our bulk foods, bakery, deli and assormtnet of unique gifts. We invite you to witness the picturesque beauty of the farm and enjoy a relaxing time with your family while shopping for our best products.
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Farm grown and homemade products

Clothing, footwear, accesories, and many more!

We offer you a wide selection of farm fresh natural products. Most of our merchandise sold at the store are quality homemade products from local suppliers.  We would love for you to visit us and experience the southern atmosphere. 
At the General store, you can also find a wide variety of merchandise that will complete your Southen outfit. We sell clothes, boots, knives, bath products, and many more!
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